Cambridge Curriculum

EnglishPre-AICE English LanguageEnglish Language AS LevelEnglish Literature AS LevelEnglish General Paper
MathAlgebra IPre-AICE Mathematics 2Pre-AICE Mathematics 3Pre-AICE Additional
Mathematics 3
Pre-AICE Mathematics 2
(equivalent to Geometry)
Pre-AICE Mathematics 3Pre-AICE Additional
Mathematics 3
Pre-AICE Additional
Mathematics 3
Pre-AICE Mathematics 3
(equivalent to Algebra 2)
Pre-AICE Additional
Mathematics 3
Mathematics AS LevelMathematics AS Level
SciencePre-AICE BiologyPre-AICE ChemistryBiology AS LevelBiology A Level
Chemistry AS LevelChemistry A Level
Physics AS LevelPhysics A Level
Marine Science AS Level
Pre-AICE ChemistryBiology AS LevelBiology A LevelMarine Science AS Level
Chemistry AS LevelChemistry AS Level
Physics A LevelPhysics A Level
Social StudiesAP Human GeographyAP US Government/ Pre-AICE EconomicsUS History AS LevelInternational History A Level
World LanguagesPre-AICE Spanish 1

Pre-AICE French 1

Pre-AICE Portuguese 1
Spanish Language AS Level

Pre-AICE French 2

Pre-AICE Portuguese 2
Spanish A Level

French AS Level

Portuguese AS Level
Spanish 5 Honors

French A Level

Portuguese A Level
Required CoursesPersonal Fitness/ Comprehensive FitnessThinking Skills AS Level

Environmental Management AS
Global Perspectives AS Level
(These courses can be taken during
11th and/or 12th grades)
Psychology AS/A Level

Sociology AS Level

Economics A Level

Music AS Level
AP Calculus AB & BC

AP Statistics

AP Music Theory

AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A

AP Art History