Law Academy



Applications submitted after due date will be considered on a case by case basis.


The Ronald W. Reagan Law Academy strives to provide students with a solid foundation in legal thinking and problem solving. Law Academy students are passionate about law, public policy, civic engagement, and/or court room debate. Reagan Law Students participate in a variety of district programs, such as Project Citizen, Mock Trial, “We The People”, Model United Nations, and “PINSS” Program in National Securities Studies Simulation with FIU’s Institute for Public Policy. Students looking to learn lifelong advocacy skills will be interested in this program.

The following documentation must be included with your application

  • Transcript or report card showing a GPA 2.5 (unweighted in core classes.)
  • One page student statement indicating previous speaking or debate experience and/or why you are interested in legal studies.
  • No teacher recommendation/prerequisites will be required.

Those wishing to apply for admission to the Law Academy must complete all sections of this application.

  • Student information
  • Parent/Guardian information
  • Student Academic Contract, signed
  • One page student statement

Law Academy Coordinator 

Mrs. Iris Sanchez-Ruiz,  M.A.
305.805.1900 x2305